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06-21-2010, 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by Synchrotron
If, however, they told everyone point-blank that's how it was going to work, then many of those people would just wait. Currently, they can tell themselves "but what if it doesn't go into the C-Store? I really want it, so I better do what I have to to get it." - and Cryptic's bottom line would suffer thereby.
But they have to realize that this is hurting them almost as much, if not more. At this point, people are reasonably sure, or at least in enough doubt, about the Galaxy-X eventually finding its way onto the C-Store, that they aren't bothering to make the effort to recruit. The Galaxy-X has ceased to be a prime motivating goal for recruiting; anyone recruiting now is not doing it for the Galaxy-X, instead they must be very big advocate of the game, since they're essentially doing the recruiting solely for the love of the game. But such people have for the most part already done their major recruiting pushes, both before and after the R5F program was announced. It doesn't help that Cryptic has annoyed between one quarter and one half of their playerbase to the point where they almost certainly not advocate and recruit for the game. The R5F program and 'Bonusgate' intersected at an inopportune time.

In short, if Cryptic intends the R5F program to actually bring in recruits, and to use the Galaxy-X as the reward for that program, they need to announce that the Galaxy-X will not ever be available any other way.

But... how many people would believe them?

ETA: Actually, I guess I answered the question as to why they don't make such an announcement. By keeping it unanswered, there's the doubt that it might never be available any other way, and a few more people might make the effort to get 5 recruits. If they answer definitively, well, aside from a definitive answer, they've locked themselves into that answer, and it MUST go that way.*

Hell... what do I know, though? This is all speculation.

* - Prior announcements that the MU unis would be available only to COLTS notwithstanding.