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06-21-2010, 10:49 PM
Oh god another thread is needed ? if Cryptic didnt say in the 100's of other threads, you thought starting another would help ?

Get over it guys, for now at least its not in the C Store so go earn like we did, I hope it never goes in the C Store as that would be Cryptic taking those that did the work or paid the money and bending us over big time.

So dont do it Crypic, you had the chance to make this more fair by releasing two ships at the same time, one for the reward, one for the C Store, dont go making the cry babies happy by adding the Galaxy X to the C Store, they will just moan about something else

Or do what you should have done and make another T5 ship for the C Store, but then if you make a new T5 cruiser you will get moaners saying that want an escort, or a sci ship etc..

If you actually want to keep any subs you earned from the referal reward you wont add the Galaxy X to the C Store.. talk about slapping the biggest fans in the face.

You already slapped me in face once Cryptic with putting my so called "excusives" from the lifetime sub and pre order etc on the C Store.. dont do it again and show what you really think of your player base.