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06-22-2010, 11:50 AM
First off, we're not gonna get any response from a yellow name for the following reasons:

1) Nobody monitors this subforum except to close threads, edit posts, and hit people with the banhammer & infractions.

2) The "transparent" communication has gotten so opaque nobody can see inside. When was the last time you heard a dev say ANYTHING clearly, if at all?

Now, on to the meat of this post. Frankly, after seeing what rapage marketing has done to us in the past couple weeks, I don't doubt that the Galaxy-X will be put up in the C-Store in a month's time for 1000CP just in time for the expanded "content" update known as Season Two. And I look forward to it. For those people who participated in the "Con-A-Friend" program purely for the ship, then I say suck it up and don't complain when it does inevitably happen.

I, like so many others, have gotten almost all the people that I would have AT LAUNCH. And we all regret signing up for multitudes of reasons...and most of us got an LTS before the game went live. If the game was in better shape than it is then I might have been willing to get a couple people to sign up...and not just for the ship. I would've done it without an incentive like that because at one point I was optimistic about the future of the game and saw potential.

As it stands, I will take any further marketing decisions with a grain of salt. I will be more than willing to wait when an "exclusive" offer is made to make money...especially when I know that I can get it for a pittance of what it originally costs. Frankly, this money grubbing is making me sick and I will no longer support Cryptic financially until they get their act together and realize that there's more to an MMO than just slapping some fluff together, selling it for money, and then letting the core gameplay and content rot while they rake in the dough.