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06-22-2010, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by NCC-94699
C-Store items doesent give any advantage. Thats what Cryptic said. And yet they are keeping this promise.

So a Targ that runs around and attacking your enemies would give you some advantage wouldnt it?
C-Store is for visuals... Let me give you a list of items that aren't just purely cosmetic now up on the C-Store:
  • Playable Federation Ferengi
  • Playable Federation Klingon
  • Playable Federation Tellarite
  • Playable Federation Pakled
  • Playable Federation Caitian
  • Tribble
  • Playable Joined Trill
  • Klingon Liberated Borg Bridge Officer
  • Federation Liberated Borg Bridge Officer
  • TOS Constitution Class Cruiser

And that's not including the rename, respec, extra char slots, etc. Of course, once Cryptic finally decides to put the rest of the pre-order items up for sale the list of non-fluff items will grow exponentially.