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06-23-2010, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by ErisTheVorta View Post
Has anyone been able to read my DX-Diag and find out what might be causing my mouse lag issues? I'm still out of business so far except I don't play for longer than 15 minutes.
I went thru it twice just to make sure I did not miss anything and here is what I found:

a. Ikari Mouse - There were two entries for this device in the DXDIAG but the odd part was that it was not listed anywhere in the device listing. So either the mouse has two separate devices on it, the driver itself is reporting two mice, or you really do have two mice connected.

b. Drivers - As Implausible noted you have some rather dated drivers for both your Realtek HD sound card and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 video card. However, I'm rather dubious that this would have anything to do with what you are experiencing otherwise the game itself would be lagging instead of just your mouse pointer.

So my question is have you tried a different mouse that is not the Steelseries Ikari like maybe a generic Microsoft or Logitech mouse just using the built-in drivers? I seem to recall that there were some odd tracking issues with the Ikari and Xai mice after awhile due to some odd issue with the sensor used but I'd have to do some digging again to try and find it.

I know it sounds like an odd suggestion but it's worth trying if you have not already?