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06-24-2010, 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by wfs5519 View Post
i thought I would give my feedback on fleet escorts. since a lot of ships are missing proper shuttlebays, this type seems to be missing them completely. the Maelstrom Class seems to have shuttlebays in the rear of the saucer piece. i suggested shuttlebays on the saucer pieces of the rest of the fleet escorts.
the Hermes seems to have insanely huge thruster assemblies, similar to the Cochrane science ship.





Stargaszer: seems to have a lot of shuttle bay textures all over it, and phaser strips not textured correctly

Dakota: phaser strips not textured correctly
Despite how the game represents the Fleet escorts, they are fairly small things; probably about Defiant sized. There really isn't room between the impulse exhausts for a shuttle bay. They would have to be moved much farther apart and the area for a bay would have to be made much larger.

As for how much scale in the game is off. CapnLogan said sometimes off by up to 400%. Perhaps the Capn will pop in and tell give us a true size comparison to see whether or not the thruster ports are to scale and if it is large enough to have a shuttle bay. However, if the thruster ports are to scale, then the ship would be quite small indeed.

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