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06-24-2010, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by ErisTheVorta View Post
I have tried three different mice so far. The first was a common Logitech mouse with ball and mousepad. The second was a thumbball Logitech mouse without mousepad logically. The third one now is this Steelseries mouse with mousepad again, and it costed the most so far. All three mice gave me the same lag after some time, and as you can see, it's going like this for quite some time now, not just days or weeks, it's months.

One of my fleet mates just told me my 64-Bit OS could be the reason and source of the problem. He's running the 32-Bit Windows 7 OS and he's not experiencing any issues with the mouse, but he installed a 64-Bit OS to track the source of the problem, and when he had the 64-Bit OS, he also had the mouse lag! However, it might just have been random bad luck, so he's doing more testing and getting back to me tomorrow.

Yes, my drivers aren't actually most up-to-date, but honestly I don't think that's why the mouse lag is occurring. Anyway, I'll update my drivers today.
Interesting! I never would have considered that running a 64-bit OS would be the cause of the issue since everything else was running okay.

Before you do any of the other driver updates try updating the ones for the motherboard chipset first since those are the ones responsible for how USB devices are handled. If you are not sure where to look you can get them from Intel just look for the Intel X58 Express Chipset and grab the ones for Windows 7 which you should be able to find here:

Now while they may not spell out the specific motherboard that you have the chipset itself is the exact same and these will work for what you are doing.

BTW, when you do update your drivers be sure to keep the older ones around in case they introduce a new issue that you were not seeing before. It's uncommon but it does happen sometimes most especially with video cards.

Do please keep us updated as to your friend's findings since I'm sure others would be curious as to how things work out.