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This just in: Ive just received confirmation that there are solid plans to add the Galaxy-X to the C-Store in the very near future. Also, for those who already purchased several copies of STO just to get the Galaxy ship, well be gifting you $50 worth of CP as a special thank you.

I'm working on getting more info; we got the approval to make this announcement early to ensure that individuals who might have been tempted to purchase multiple copies of the game solely to get the Galaxy-X are fully aware of the fact that they'll soon be able to get it another way.

Feedback, comments, suggestions, and questions should stick to this thread. Thanks!

Update: Our script for granting the gift of $50 worth of CP to eligible players has been completed. Note - we granted this bonus to all players who had earned the Galaxy-X by becoming a Master Recruiter before 6-24-10, not only players who purchased 5 copies themselves. All players who were eligible should see this bonus reflected in their current CP balance.