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06-24-2010, 07:47 PM
When the LTS was first offered before Open beta, i refereed 3 friends. They haven't even heard of the game, but i got 3 folks to buy the game and ALL get LTS. I was a bit annoyed when the referral program came out and that referrals weren't retroactive (which i totally understand, but still upset me).

That being said, I never once complained that i wouldn't be able to get 5 more people on top the three i already did, even though it made me grind my teeth a bit. So now that the Galaxy X will be available in the C-store, i will get it and i won't feel the least bit bad about it. I did some work to support the game, and i will support it further with a c-store purchase.

There have been plenty of posts from people in the same boat; referred all their friends before the program, then gets the shaft afterward. Now these folks can get the galaxy-x. but the folks who put in the work, not only get the Galaxy-x for free, but $50 in cryptic points. Most people get to walk away happy, and the unhappy people at least don't have to go empty handed.