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06-24-2010, 09:28 PM
Originally Posted by AngelSilhouette View Post
Despite how the game represents the Fleet escorts, they are fairly small things; probably about Defiant sized. There really isn't room between the impulse exhausts for a shuttle bay. They would have to be moved much farther apart and the area for a bay would have to be made much larger.

As for how much scale in the game is off. CapnLogan said sometimes off by up to 400%. Perhaps the Capn will pop in and tell give us a true size comparison to see whether or not the thruster ports are to scale and if it is large enough to have a shuttle bay. However, if the thruster ports are to scale, then the ship would be quite small indeed.

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i see your point.. however, one small note to consider is that I skipped the Maelstrom class because it seems to have shuttle doors on the rear of the saucer. That is actually what motivated my suggestions to put bays on the rear saucer on the others... to stay consistent when switching out parts.