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06-24-2010, 11:31 PM
Originally Posted by Beringer
Nope, still feel betrayed, I've recruited a total of 9 people to this game since launch, and they will all be canceling with me. Doing what I can to make this boat go down just a little faster than it already is...
STO has lost you, but i gained me and my brethren who where ****ed of about being shafted with the whole "your earlier referrals do not count." thing.

STO may have lost your fake, 60 day game time card friends but it retains us, who were are paying customers and continue to be paying customers if a basic trust relationship is build.

Putting the gal x up in the c store helps this whole trust process.
Also: having us all (undefined number, but surely more than you and your imaginary friends) stay is more important than keeping you and your non existent friends happy.

Now, everyone, one serving of pity for this guy!