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06-24-2010, 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by Beringer
Nope, still feel betrayed, I've recruited a total of 9 people to this game since launch, and they will all be cancelling with me. Doing what I can to make this boat go down just a little faster than it already is...
By recruiting, you mean paying for their game and accounts so that you can claim a reward that has no intrinsic value, and in fact is more of a lease of the use of digital bandwidth, as well as a lease on a specific set of digital rights? After all, any guy who has run a business successfully (Notice the correct spelling.) would understand that a service is a lease (access to STO) and that further more, any in game transactions are the same as a limited term lease, as once the service is no longer offered, the in game item is no longer available.

So in other words, Cryptic offered you an exclusive lease on the Galaxy-X digital rights through a preferred service. Recruit 5 people, and gain a preferred lease.

By offering to sell said lease on the C-Store, your exclusivity is still maintained as you have not paid for the lease in question.

Originally Posted by Valenn View Post
LOL they quit because *they* can get "your" Galaxy too?
They'll quit because he aint paying for it anymore.