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06-26-2010, 07:17 AM
I don't see what all the fuss is about. The Galaxy-x is coming to the c-store because most of the people who tried through the referral program just bought five games and five 1 month subs and some of us don't have that many friends interested in Star Trek either. And not everyone is going to be using this in PVP. I plan to buy it, but it seems to more for PVE to me. Its basically a very slow turning, but tough escort. It has one less weapon slot and less console slots. The Beam weapon it has and most cannons that could be put on it have a 45 firing arc so it can only shoot in a narrow corridor and it turns horribly so it shouldn't be too hard for klingon ships to stay behind it or too the sides. And the worry that the cloak is going to destroy PVP, well the klingons have only one main advantage in PVP. The ability to regroup undetected after respawn because of the cloak, this assuming their team communicates. The Feds don't have that ability, but if the Fed Team can communicate its not a huge advantage for the klingon team so even this is balanced with good communication. And if the entire Fed team is using the Galaxy-X then its a team full of crusiers, which I have seen many of those destroyed in my time. The Galaxy-X is not the be all end all of the game and PVP. It has enough disadvantages to make up for the advantages.