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06-26-2010, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by Timberjac View Post

you do know that the galaxy actually is rated higher than the sovereign on the nerd-scale of ship power?

If you'd want to make it like the show, the galaxy would have to be a battering ram that once in a while stays still and turns into a hugearse turret that lobs one hit doom phaser bursts at people....

aside from that:

The galaxy x is basically a t4 galaxy with a cloack and a special phaser cannon.

Now, do yo ufear t4 galaxys in pvp? no you do not.

The lack of consoles alone ramp down its potential firepower by a huge margin compared to the assault cruiser.

In one on one duels, i have NEVER seen the galaxy x pull ahead of an AC - and that was with SKILLED players.

The Galaxy x is a step down in combat performance.
But, it IS a galaxy, a fancy, shiny, new galaxy and we will fly it because we want to, not because it will offer ANY advantage in pvp besides "not getting shot at unless you de-cloak".

The Beam lance, reportedly, does negligible damage, and the thought of a galaxy with cannons should make you laugh your klingon beards off instead of sitting here yelping.