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06-26-2010, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by TrekTheStars
Although I agree it's canon that the Federation has used and tested cloak, morally they don't use it.
Read Path to 2395

In short it covers the Federation testing cloak and also why they don't use it now.
Times change. Taris complained about it, but now it is revealed that she destroyed Romulus herself and Sela has replaced her. Sela almost has declared open war on the Federation, systems directly next to Starbase Sierra have been attacked, so Okeg's policy is obviously a failure. It's just a matter of time and CBS until the Federation gets the cloak.

Personally, I'm against the Galaxy-X having it as long as other Fed-ships don't. But I don't get the opposition to Feds getting cloak. There's still a lot that makes Klingon ships different.