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# 26 Screwed AGAIN!
06-26-2010, 10:07 AM
OK here we go again, same old retoric from almost a year ago. And from Beta and from launch. I am sick and tired of the Klingon faction getting boned and the predominately Fed players responding with "OH SHUT UP and LIVE WITH IT". The Vo'Quv carrier was supposed to be the biggest baddes ship around, sorry no cloak, it makes the game crash, so we took it off instead trying to fix it. Oh sorry, to many pets the Feds are crying...again. SO lets strip it down and only give 6 weapons slots, 8 fighters that are non upgradeable. And ...taadaa and big fat freaking target that last for about 5 seconds in PvP. Now...we see the Galaxy X class coming out...with cloak...hmm are going ot go back and give the Vo'Quv it's cloak, probabely not. But hey let's not stop here, the RSE will prob. be a playable faction by season 3. Is the D'dedrix class warbird not going to be able to cloak? That would really be dumb, considering it does in canon. But it's supposed to be big and bad and ...oh wait, it's canon than the Enterprise..better NERF it to hell along with the Vo'Quv.