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06-26-2010, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
Would you please explain to me WHY for goodness heaven's sake both the Enterprise-D in All Good Things and Admiral Janeways shuttle in Endgame had cloaking devices if it's not canon? Maybe you have some special definition of canon I'm not familiar with?
Yes the Enterprise-D (AGT) had a cloak, but the Pasteur didn't did it? It was never explained why the ship had a cloaking device, but that stuff aside I'm not arguing that it's canon for the Galaxy-X to have cloak, in fact you can post search me and see that I was fine with it having cloak when it was part of the referral program (namely because it would be a rarely seen ship).

The issue here is that the Federation should not have cloaking on a wide scale, and that's exactly what will happen when this thing goes to the C-Store; every assault cruiser captain (and many star cruisers) will buy it thinking that it will make them 'uber' or some stupid sh** and that they'll stop sucking at PvP, only to find that it's not the cloak that gives the Klingons the upper hand in pug matches (ooooh their tears will sustain me!!!).

In Roddenberry's own words, "Our heroes don't sneak around."

Originally Posted by K-Tar
Times change. Taris complained about it, but now it is revealed that she destroyed Romulus herself and Sela has replaced her. Sela almost has declared open war on the Federation, systems directly next to Starbase Sierra have been attacked, so Okeg's policy is obviously a failure. It's just a matter of time and CBS until the Federation gets the cloak.

Personally, I'm against the Galaxy-X having it as long as other Fed-ships don't. But I don't get the opposition to Feds getting cloak. There's still a lot that makes Klingon ships different.
It's not a times change sort of thing, the same President that signed the Ban on research into cloaking technology is still in office in 2409 and it's nowhere near an election year. With the war with the Klingons he will want to keep the Romulans from getting too ****ed and if he lifted the ban then they would really get angry.

Bottom line, the game's own lore, the show's canon, and Roddenberry's own words go against the Federation having full scale cloaking.