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06-26-2010, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by Dublin_Raider View Post
As i warned about a month ago it appears Cryptic will be offering the Federation Galaxy X Cloaked Ship in the C-Store soon.
They will be introducing Federation Cloaking to non C-Store ships to in STO.
Every Starfleet player will have the opportunity to cloak.......

The proof:

That's STUPID. If Fed Cloak then why do u guys want Romulans.

Isn't it bad enough that Klingon ships cloak.

All this Cross culture tech is BS

Feds using Disrupters
Klingons Using Phasers
FEDs and Klingons with Plasma Torpedos.

Yeh keep F-in up the game. Good work dummies.

Come on already - this is stupid -