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06-26-2010, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by dojen
mrsharks idea would be fair

Here is my solution to this, writing my post here also so that all of you can read it again.

I have a suggestion:

They could reward everyone that have bought multiple copies of the game.
They could decide that one game is worth 1000 CP in extra points, then they could give everyone that have more then one game connected to the account that value based on the amount of games in cryptic points.

Gift = Game Value * Amount of game connected to account.

For example if you have three game, they give you a total of 2000 CP for the other two games you have
bought and connected to your account.

So if you have bought 5 extra copies of the game or if you have that galaxy-X Star Ship you get 5000 CP and that is approximately what they are going to give out for compensation for the referral program.

Then everyone is happy and the gift is based on the amount of games you have bought.