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06-26-2010, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by AtomicFB
I don't think there should be any compensation.
By Cryptics own words they only and initially intended to compensate people who bought multiple copies for a referral bonus for themselves. If you don't think there should be compensation then these people would need to have theirs taken away. Naturally, that wont happen, so the best thing to do from what I can see is to compensate everyone who did the same thing that the grounds for this compensation originated in else they get special treatment above everyone else who did the same thing.

The argument is that people who bought multiple copies for themselves to get the ship supported Cryptic by buying those multiple copies. Others did the same at launch so why should they get a bonus for doing it and not the other people who did the same exact thing.

Originally Posted by 910burns View Post
As I have stated in prior threads:

Unless you have a "Lifetime Subscription", every box or digital copy of the game granted 30-days of subscription time. This $15.00 in subscription time can be considered compensation. They also got the preorder bonuses.
Then the people who bought multiple boxes for themselves for the referral system also got their compensation by way of multiple accounts, game time, and referral items. Which means they shouldn't have the $50 CP compensation, but they do. That's a fact, it can't be changed. What can be done is making it right by others who have done the same thing that made them want to give away compensation and not just them exclusively.

Originally Posted by Ashur1
Regardless of what i think who deserves compensation or not, i dont understand what difference is there between people who bought multiple versions of the game to get exclusives and people who bought multiple copies of the game to get the referall reward. Either both or none of them should get some compensation.
Yes, this is exactly the problem. It should be both or none, but it isn't. This is, in my opinion, the main reason why most people are upset.

Originally Posted by 910burns View Post
The Compensation award for five referrals was done due to the premature announcement and pending release of the galaxy-X. It was done so that Marketing could save face. While similar in appearance, it's actually a different issue. The decision came from Marketing.
That would be fine and well but that isn't the case. Stated directly in the original post that started this thing;

Originally Posted by GMDestra
This just in: Ive just received confirmation that there are solid plans to add the Galaxy-X to the C-Store in the very near future. Also, for those who already purchased several copies of STO just to get the Galaxy ship, well be gifting you $50 worth of CP as a special thank you.
I've also talked to some of the community team myself in the IRC channel and they too said the same thing. It was meant only for those who bought multiple copies for themselves and they assured me they were confident they had a method to determine who had done that and who hadn't with no error.