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06-27-2010, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by Thaxx View Post
You have no idea how much time you have to spent to bring 5 new subscribers to the game. I tell you what: If the ships costs 100$ in C-store and I would have known this eight weeks ago, I would have waited and easily paid the money instead of doing this bunch of work.

I had to do promotions, ingame-support, newbie-help and answer endless mails and PNs about the game. I had about 20 players at the same time in my referal account, and only 6 of them finally bought the game and subscribed so I got the ship. It was hell of work to get this done...

I spent hunderts of hours of free time to succeed. 100$ are peanuts compared to this. And you ask me what I lost? I lost nothing. But Cryptic has lost all of their reputation by this huge scamming of their promoters. I will never ever trust them again.

They billed 4000 CP at my account as compensation. They should put their CP to a place where the sun never shines. I don't need their CP... and there's nothing of interest in their C-Store.

They are scammers and liars. Plain and simple.
God take a midol. You working "hundreds of hours" to get the Galaxy X is just a foolish as the people who bought the game 5 times over with 5 more subs. The ship is slightly different and you just needed to have it, and we're supposed to feel sorry for you now that you realize it wasn't worth the trouble. If only you got that news flash before you wasted all that time.