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06-27-2010, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by Thaxx View Post
You have no idea how much time you have to spent to bring 5 new subscribers to the game. . . I had about 20 players at the same time in my referal account, and only 6 of them finally bought the game and subscribed so I got the ship. It was hell of work to get this done...

They billed 4000 CP at my account as compensation. They should put their CP to a place where the sun never shines. I don't need their CP... and there's nothing of interest in their C-Store. .
Thaxx, Watched your posts in the other thread. I agree there is little that most of us can use those points for, but the point is Cryptic is trying to make ammends. We expected to have an "exclusive" item that others had to "Work Very Hard" for if they wanted one. Marketing had an exclusive to push their program, and Game Support wanted the same item in the C-Store. When marketing lost the Exclusivity battle, they decided on the 4000 points to try to reconcile a situation that was beyond their control.

Yes, Cryptic did this, but accept that "Cryptic making the best of a bad situation". At least the people who referred got something. Lifers who saw their preorder bonuses got nothing, and I am sure will never get anything.