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06-27-2010, 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by 910burns View Post
Lifers who saw their preorder bonuses got nothing, and I am sure will never get anything.
I'm also I lifer.
I also preordered.
I had also a COLTS.

I payed about $500 for Game, LTS and Retail Boxes to Cryptic, because I thought "exclusive" didn't mean "exclusive" just for a few weeks. They are making the best out of this? Sorry, but I don't see anything good in scamming customers.

But your're all right. It's my fault. I trusted Cryptic, I loved the game, so I supported them with my money and with bringing new players here. Lessen learned. It will never ever happen again.

I'll do what's the smartest thing to do in the next Cryptic game (if I ever play one again): Buy the cheapest standard-retail key you can find at e-bay, buy it, use Gametime Cards from China, wait some weeks and buy your favorite bonuses for a few additional cents at the c-store.