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06-27-2010, 02:16 PM
Let me give you a "realistic" set of numbers:

"Digital Deluxe Edition" has been avaialble for months, from E-bay, for less than $20 per copy. Of that, if used on a non-lifetime account, $15.00 of that $20.00 can be called Subscription Time (30-days). That means $5.00 or perhaps 400 cryptic points, went twards the in-game bonuses that transferred to the C-Store. No reimbursement is nessasary.

with the exception of the "Amazon Borg Bridge Offficer", all of the other editions have also been selling on E-bay for less than $20.00 per copy. So again, except for a "Lifer" the person using the game code lost NOTHING. If you paid $30-$50 for a Borg Bridge Officer you're in the same position as those who bought 5x game copies for a Galaxy-X starship.

If your a "lifetime subscriber", you did the above in full knoledge of the published policies. As such, you chose to pay a premium for those preorder items. I am in that category as well. Bad decision? Perhaps or perhaps not, but Cryptic shouldh't pay for that mistake.

Finally, if Cryptic were to reimbruse for all those preorders they would devastate the C-store since EVERYONE would have more points than they would need to spend.... effectivly guarenteeing that everyone buys the Galaxy-X. And no-one wants that, do they ??