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06-27-2010, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by Morgomir View Post
Seriously? Out of all the things wrong with Earth...the SB1 and the Sol system you chose to whine about the most irrelivant one of them all? What about the starfield being blue...thats not should be black! Oh and what about the repeating textures on the US east coast? And the planet not rotating? And the Starbase looking big and cartoony and poorly made? And what in the world is that singularity thing by the drydocks?
I think the fact that the moon is far too close to earth is more shocking than that...
Being that close in reality earth and the moon would collide immediately.
But well every space themed game tends to do that, with one Exception: X Terran conflict... BBut I think their moon is too far away lol.. Well but on the other hand... they say that the moon is drifiting away...