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06-27-2010, 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by rhyatt View Post
They ignore those who played into their marketers hands and bought multiple copies and supported the game pre-launch while rewarding those who bought multiple discounted copies on Ebay...
This one point isn't correct. They have made no difference as to the "Source" of the game copies. Whether they were perchasted at Full retail or discounted, all the copies have been treated the same. The only difference has been if they were used (1) for ones's own account, or (2) for the promotion. This difference has only occured due to the Galaxy-X becomming a future C-Store item even before the recruiters saw their recruitments mature into "Billed" status. If the Galaxy-X had not been scheduled for the C-Store, no difference would have ever existed.

Beyond this.... well stated.