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06-28-2010, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by Cygnus-X-1
The Liberated Borg Captain is nothing but a couple Borg headgear pieces. I thought they were 'exclusive' and 'special'; but their best attribute, Efficient Captain, can be chosen by ANY new alien in the character creator.

Do you really want veiny skin and implants THAT bad?

It is not about logic. This is about people wanting something they don't or can't have. The perfectly trained little capitalist puppet monkeys will want something right to the point of verbal violence. I have worked in various facets of the service/retail industry for over 23 years. In that time I have learned three things...

  1. The customer wants things you cannot give them.
  2. The customer is infrequently right. Our job is to make them feel that are right so they keep buying our stuff.
  3. Trying to have a rational conversation with a customer about anything will influence them to file a complaint against you.

They want and that is it. The hypothetical customer is a selfish child who will throw a tantrum if you don't give them what they want NOW. It is much esier to change or improve something in design, quality, or intent after people have purchsed an item and call it "model improvements" or cite dictionary definitions in a way to suit your purpose as a service provider rather than observing conventions that dominate but are not part of the institutional definition... Cryptic, I am looking at you and your "Exclusive (tm)".

They want the Liberated Borg. They will get it. I say make them wait. Give everyone the Liberated Borg at 500 days. that a bit over 16 months, which is when the "value" of the LTS rubs out ($240 / $15 = 16 months).

However, last night I was thinking about the Liberated Borg and I could see CBS simply saying no to wide distribution to protect the integrity of the IP. If they are made available most of Starfleet would be liberated Borg