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06-28-2010, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by Naevius
When does the OP compensate those of us subjected to these endless threads?
Good point.

Originally Posted by Cygnus-X-1
People bought multiple Pre-Order copies so they could get 'EXCLUSIVES' and then sold the accounts on eBay so people could buy multiple copies to get a Galaxy X !
Have you noticed the latest? Pre-referred new accounts are hitting E-bay now. So, people are trying to recoup their self-purchased referrals. Examples:
Item number: 110552256253 Star Trek Online Account + Boni + Flotte (Gilde) [active for 4 days]
Artikelnummer: 250657587232 Star Trek Online Account noch gültig bis 24/07/10

Brand new "activated" accounts, with a referral code used, started on the day of the announcment.