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Originally Posted by 910burns View Post

(2) Nero changed the Timeline.
Nero had nothing to do with the destruction of Romulus, that was a result of a super nova. Now if Vulcan was destroyed in game, that would be a totally different story.

The Romulan Star Empire as we knew it only exists in name only. The Klingon Empire went through several civil wars to what we see now. Cardassian Union was crushed and still in shambles. The only factions that we do not know the condition on are"
Ferengi, we do know Rom is Grand Negus (one can only guess at the changes that were made)
Breen, situatiuon unknown
Dominion, though there still are remnant forces in the Alpha Quadrant.

All in all, ONLY the Federation still maintains the same Govt from the end of Nemesis to now (Federation is more militant albeit)

IT is not too far fetched that with the situation of the Romulan Star Empire that the Federation would simply ignore part of all of the Treaty of Algeron.