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06-28-2010, 02:16 PM
Quibbling over this is pointless.

Yeah, the Federation knows how to build transwarp corridors, regenerative shielding and reverse assimilation but they dont have a single clue how to build a cloaking device as simple as the one Kirk handed to them on a platter for study ?

'Blah blah blah Federation dont use cloaks'

The Federation dont use them because:
A) They never needed to:
Except when they DID in DS9... and they went and got one via the Romulans
Except when they DID in TNG... and they went and got one via the Klingons

As such the Federation DOES recognise the tactical value of the tech and WILL take means to use it when required. I think wartime qualifies as a pretty big requirement for a tactical advantage, no ?

B) The treaty with the Romulans

Cryptic can write that treaty off and this is irrelevant, even without such the status of the game makes such a treaty stupid.
The treaty dosent even need to be written off only the indication that the Romulans are willing to let the infractions slide because they wont / cant push the issue. The treaty was put in place when the Romulans were in a much stronger position. They are no longer in that position.

You can whine and moan it violates the treaty but the reality is the Romulans are not in a positon to enforce that treaty and they may not even see the need to enforce it.

The Defiant cloak was technically not supposed to be used outside of the Gamma Quadrant and only with a Romulan onboard. Did the Romulans automatically go to war with the Federation when neither condition was met even when they signed the non-aggression pact with the Dominion ?

It is far more likely the Romulans are willing to let infractions slide as long as the Federation serve their purposes in doing so. As such, Federation ships with cloaking devices that can be used to fight the Borg, Klingons, Undine, Terrans, Cardassians, Dominion and everyone else means the Federation get to do the fighting while the Romulans can secretly rebuild their Empire to a point they will be able to hold the Federation back to the full extent of the treaty.

Oh noes !

Trying to apply immersive Role Play politics to the game and tell a decent story rather than rely on rigid Star Trek canon 'rules' which even the ******n canon broke to serve their story purposes... that is so much better.