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Originally Posted by 910burns View Post
Yes, this is an interesting hole in the flow, since Vulcan WAS destroyed in the movie. But the destruction of Romulus occured at the very beginning of the altered timeline. This was the trigger for Nero to go back in time, and change the timeline.


Romulus is AGAIN destroyed, and we learn it was the Reman who are responsible.
Klingons are making Augments... and extention of another elisode
While there is no "Dominion Empire", there is a "New Link" and the founders are not exterminated.

Lots of room for flex, especially since Section 31 has in-game demonstration of cloaking technology on Federation ships. It is this one point that makes Fed cloak completely within STO canon.
Hold on. You're way WAY off

In PRIME timeline (what we're playing in) - Romulus was destroied by the hobus star going super nova. Nero and spock were pulled into a blackwhole and considered KIA'd which obviously they went to an alternate universe.