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06-29-2010, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by .Spartan View Post
Umm... What does that have to do with the fact we both dumped a lot of money into Cryptic's hand for a LtS and an accompanying exclusive item for doing so? The case in point is the fact that the CO LtS exclusive item is for sale in the store and ours is not is my point. Desire to play or not play is irrelevant in the scheme of things I'm addressing.
COLTS paying 200 bucks for a game they don't want to play just to get an outfit in this one sure is relevant. Your statement I was responding to said you don't see a different between SOLTS and them. You dumped money into cryptics hands for a game you wanted. They did it for one they didn't want. I think it's funny that they are happy to blow that kind of money until everyone has access. They deserve what they get, and if you only got a LTS for the just for the borg captain then so do you. Make sure to complain some more about it when the Borg end up in the c store so i can have another laugh