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06-29-2010, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by captain_quack
does anyone know what this rare tribble does? is it as good as the best buy tribble? is it better? is it better then the borg tribble? is it in between the best buy and borg? or is it not as good as the best buy tribble and better then the matt? im surprised that with all the amount of information posted about this game that i havent found a thread that said anything about it.
OK... here;s the Poop:

The Holotribble is BETTER than the Best Buy tribble, becuase it gransts 2x the bonus of the Rivera (which is now called Gold Tribble in the C-store)

the BORG tribble grants a bonus against BORG, but it's not good against Non-Borg.

Matson is a nice, cheap, and easy to obtain general use tribble. Several of the others you can breed are better, but the Holo-tribble is still the best IMHO.