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06-29-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by captain_quack
i know how you get it by referring a freind and them purchasing the game. know does anyone know what this rare tribble does? is it as good as the best buy tribble? is it better? is it better then the borg tribble? is it in between the best buy and borg? or is it not as good as the best buy tribble and better then the matt? im surprised that with all the amount of information posted about this game that i havent found a thread that said anything about it.
I have both the HoloTribble (called (phot) in game, I'll refer to it as HT in this article) and the Best Buy Tribble (called the "Gold Tribble" in the C-Store or Rivera tribble (riv) in game).

I got my HT when a referred friend bought the game and put in their retail code. As far as I know (currently) that is the only way to get it.

How to use it: As with any other tribble you have to load it as a device your character is carrying. It can only be used when not in Red Alert. Then you "pet" (use) it to activate.

What it does: The HT provides a 2% Regeneration Buff and a 2% Resistance Buff per level that lasts for 60 minutes (or until you die or otherwise get debuffed, of course).

The levels are a funny thing. Most of the time when you're by yourself you will only get the default level (which isn't numbered, but it's level 1) - So 2% buffs. This is random, and sometimes when you pet you'll get a higher level, and your tribble buff indicator will have a number in it. Being by yourself it's very difficult to get higher than level 1. It's when you're teamed that the HT truly shines!

If you're in a team (including your BOs) and you activate your HT, two things happen:
1) Everyone in your team gets a temporarly Photonic Tribble Power that they can pet for the 2% resist buffs. This power lasts 5 minutes, but if they use the buff it'll be there for 1hr. The power will show up in the first available slot of their powers tray. If they don't have an open slot, I think they can press P and pull it as a new power. I haven't been able to fully test this, as I can't actually see what another player has (and the people I've had the opportunity to test with weren't as talkative/descriptive as I'd've liked).

2) But this is the best part anyway: Your base buff level now raises to the number of people in your team. This includes BOs!! With a standard away team, while sometimes you'll still get 1-4, you will find your buff level is 5, when you pet your HT. This is a +10% health regeneration buff and a +10% (really 9.1, see below) resistance to everything.

Also, your chances of a higher level seem to go up, and seem to increase further right after combat. It's random, but I always pet my HT after combat and sometimes I get levels 6-14. If I get a high one (like 9 or 10+) I stop petting and go with that. 14 is the highest level I've received (28% regen buff, 28% (21.7%) resistance).

So far I've had Tribble levels 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 14. And they all follow the {2% * Level} pattern.

[Note: The game calculates resistances in an odd way, the formula is {Damage amount}/1+{All Resists as decimal}. So Level 10 Tribble Resistance Buff is "20%", but if you took 100 points of damage you'd really get 100/1+(.20) or 100/1.20 == 83.3333 damage taken, so it's really 16.6% Resistance.]

I got my Gold Tribble recently from the C-Store. It provides three buffs at once to each regeneration, resistance, and damage strength. But it's buffs are only 1% each and don't seem to ever improve. Personally, I think the HT is much better, even at level 1. I do plenty fine on damage, the 1% damage buff, does nothing visible for me, and 2% regen/resist beats the Gold's 1%. And knowing I can get HT to improve, it's hands down better.

Holographic Tribble easily beats Best Buy Gold Tribble.

I don't have, nor have ever used, a Tribble of Borg, so can't comment on that one. I gave my Gold to one of my BOs. I bought Mattson (mat) tribbles off the Exchange for my other BOs (mat gives a small buff to regen and resist, I think it's a non-improving 2%). It's very inexpensive and would recommend one for everybody's BOs.