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06-29-2010, 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by Honeymane
Can I oppose the rank of Fleet Admiral?

Seriously, you can easily expand RAL all the way to 50, and have RAU all the way from 51-60, followed by Admiral from 61-XX.

I've always been a bit miffed that Admiral (even RA) was such an easy rank to get to, but letting players get to fleet admiral...

Fleet Admiral shouldn't be a normal rank any play can just get by leveling up.
Id hafta agree there... to me, FA should be a VERY special rank, where the few users who met the requirements to get to could have access to Dreadnoughts [also, not to be taken lightly... ULTRA powerful ships that are significantly better than the tier below them]

Perhaps to achieve Fleet Admiral you would have to like, complete all the accolades, all the missions, [so far, that is] AND increase by like, 20 grades instead of the usual 10.
To me, that would make Fleet Admiral a truly "honorable" rank to get to... and Dreadnoughts truly powerful ships to own.

maybe not those exact requirements, but u get the pic... we dont want FA to be just another ordinary rank. I think that people who get to FA should even be able to command a small fleet [hence the name].

But, in all sincerity, i think you should wait on FA cryptic. idk how many ranks are coming out for season 2, but hopefully FA will not come out for another season until it is thoroughly developed.

Another thing id like to throw in there... I hope that instead of making new ships around every corner every time you rank up from admiral to admiral, why not just allow us to increase our skill points, and possibly even [when we get to vice admiral, not just RAU] allow more BOF slots on our bridge for more fancy features. Id luv to see a Lt. Commander science slot on my assault cruiser.

this way, you could still improve the player's strength, but not have to make a million and 1 other new ships. Id even suggest not making any more new ships untill a player reaches FA rank... then, and only then, i think should access to Dreadnoughts be granted.

Great game cryptic! keep up the good work!!!