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06-29-2010, 07:55 PM
  1. Add another +1 for Commodore. I don't care how RL Navies do/did it, or if it was removed from Canon after TOS... This is the future, they can put it back. At the very least, let it be an unlockable title that we can choose to put on if we like, or leave off if the player doesn't want it.
  2. Why are you limiting the Admiral ranks to five grades?!? That's wrong! We shouldn't "easily" progress through the Admiralty! If anything Captain should be more grades (20+), most officers would stay there longer, and the Admirals even longer!
  3. I'd really much rather ranks were separated from levels. Peregrine_Falcon has an excellent example/write-up here that I'd fully endorse!
  4. Please, oh please, oh please - Do not have the NPCs address me as "Rear Admiral Lower/Upper-Half" - That is horrible. Leave it just Rear Admiral, or better yet, have them address me by the title I choose.
  5. I hate a universe filled with Admirals, and that's all that we see in STO these days. People want to talk about Cannon ranks... How can 99% of Starfleet be Admirals!?! To fix? See option #3 above.

Thanks for listening. Proceed to do what thou will...