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06-29-2010, 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by ZerothAngel View Post
Thanks for that bit of insight! And to think, I actually filed a bug because it was stacking 5 times on the BO whom I gave the photonic tribble to. :p I think it's time for me to take that tribble back!

The "Pet Holographic Tribble" power does show up in your powers window -- you can easily confirm this by petting the photonic tribble and hitting P (even while alone/ungrouped). And a minor correction/clarification: the temporary power only lasts 5 minutes, but the buff granted by it lasts 1 hour. Specifically, it's a 2% damage resist buff. (No regen buff, unfortunately.)

Edit: Oh, and as far as the Tribble of Borg goes, it grants a 1.5% damage resist buff and (I can only assume) a 1.5% damage buff vs. Borg.
Thanks ZerothAngel. I corrected my info re: the power. I sure hope the stacking isn't a bug. I expect it isn't. It goes with the theme of the tribble getting more powerful the more people in your team (considering it's from Friend Referrals). Think about it, the more friends you refer ("have on your team") the better it is. That's how I took it anyway. Oh, and yeah, get that back! heh.