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06-29-2010, 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Sol
I'm glad we're sticking with Tier 5 up to Fleet Admiral, I think it'd be hard to come up with better and better ships when we've already reached the standard apex for Star Trek for the most part. Almost all the T6 ships would have to be Cryptic originals or yet more revamps of the current lower tier ships.
like that awesome refitted galaxy class? ya... i cant wait till i can fly one of those...

but to quote the post above, I too really hope that each rank of admiral isnt some "easy-to-achieve" rank thats only a little bit better than the other... each rank of admiral should take hardcore real-effort work to get to. like playing STFs and completing accolades.
in fact, i dont think they should make a new ship class every admiral rank. just allow users to spend more skill points to upgrade the empty captain skill slots they already have, and possible...Possible, add more BOF slots on current admiral ships. e.g. make the sci slot on a Sovereign ship a Lt.C slot instead of just a Lt. slot. this way, even if you specialize in just engineering, you can have plenty of sci. tech up your sleeve. and its a great substitute for throwing new ships out around every corner.

Iv said this before in many other posts, but yet again... make Fleet Admiral a VERY hard to get to rank. Super hard to achieve, but very well worth it. it should be like, a Tier 6 [all other admirals tier 5] and Significantly better than its preceding rank. It should have access to the coveted Dreadnought class of ships, which should have much expanded BOF slots, and far superior firepower/shielding than preceding ships. some dreadnoughts id like to see would be the refitted galaxy class, 3 nacelle sovereign ship, and the Jupiter dreadnought.