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Outstanding guide! Thank you for your time and efforts

Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
V: Observations

Single Beams

Those running with a broadside weapon setup might want to take note of the fact that there is little benefit from going from 6 to 7 beams at 100 weapon power. Even going from 5 to 6 beams results in only a very small increase in damage output. I can't currently test 8 beams, but my expectation is that at 100 weapon power, there would be no increase in damage output compared to 7 beams, and there is a high likelihood that damage would actually be reduced. If you are broadsiding with 6 or more beams, you definitely want to get your power up well over 100, or over 125 if possible.


Even though they suffer from the same quirky power regeneration of all cannon weapons, Turrets are still pretty energy efficient since they only drain 8 weapon energy. Going from 6 to 7 turrets results in a better return than with beams, but their base damage is so much lower that they still don't end up doing more damage than 4 single beams. I am not sure how viable an all Turret build is considering their low base damage-- it takes 5 turrets to do the same damage as 3 beams-- but they can probably be safely added to rear weapon mounts in order to increase frontal arc damage. Their low energy drain means they shouldn't reduce the damage output of the more damaging frontal arc weapons too much.
I don't know if this has been mentioned or not, but one reason I can think of for taking that extra Beam Array or Turret might be to increase the chance for triggering whatever 2.5% proc is associated with the Energy Weapons in question. Due to the randomness of them occuring, I wouldn't even want to think about how to calculate any of that. So, I suppose that players looking to take specific advantage of a proc might want that extra Energy Weapon, but in terms of strict damage output, it probably isn't going to be worth it due to the additionaly power drain.