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07-01-2010, 01:13 PM
Lotus Fleet RP would like to thank everyone for their excellent participation in our Borg Invasion forum Fleet Action!

With the destruction of the Borg, Lotus Fleet is now focused on the tasks of rebuilding and resupplying. Meanwhile, our very own Stalwart Guardian makes her debut this week, under the command of Captain Froud. This legendary Ambassador-class starship once thought lost to the Dominion Wars, is undergoing launch preparations as we speak!

Meanwhile, the rest of the Fleet is focused on dealing with the Aftermath of the Borg Invasion. With the Spectre and Starbase 10 heavily damaged, the Alsea's tertiary hull in need of drive repairs, and the McKenzie docked for resupply, the Lotus continues her mission.

Big events on the horizon. Look for Fleet Mission: Azimuth Horizon, the next major chapter in Lotus Fleet Roleplay, to be announced soon!