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All I ask is for you as new EP of STO is to give us klingon a fair ear in the matters of the game and its development. I was once a very strong supporter of this game and would love to be that guy again, but as I have type away here at the keys I and many of my klingon counter part have fail to see a response. I have seen many leave and with season 2 coming down the pipeline I would be surprised if more do not jump ship. Yes it seems many see this change as a negative, but me I wish it to be a new beginning. So just lesson to your community and this community will stand with the game once again. Open up some of these threads I am sure have never been looked at before there some fan with great suggestion.

AND to my fellow Klingons lets give this new producer a shoot I know we have all felt a little neglected but what have we got to lose please post all klingon and or game improvement suggestion here or in any of the other klingon suggestion treads.

Also I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this change. Well here’s to hope and change pun intended.