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07-02-2010, 08:12 AM
Originally Posted by Tulmus View Post
The problem with even if they listen to us is it's too late. I was in a fleet of about 100-125 players its dead now. New fleet has like 15-20 members and some are talking about leaving. You can look at the C-Store and see the game is made for the federation. I'd type more but i just don't care to anymore, no one is listen to us Devs don't care about us. So i say we kill and torture every Fed cry baby and every Fed loving Dev. That is my motivation to see what WE can get nerfed next by the cry babies. I'll claw at them with my nails if I have to, I'll keep killing them till BOP's are nothing more then escape pod and a guy in a space suit strapped on the the front of it shooting a Distruptor gun and throwing plasma grenade at a FED BALL that will be able to buy cloaking devices in the C-Store!

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Well I will continue to kill feds as I have continued to try and bring a torch in to the cave that us klingon live in but hey its sure is not going to hurt to try this please lesson to us again thing. I have been in and out of these treads and if we can make a difference then is worth it. I can for one totally understand your lack of spirit but if you ever want to post some helpful stuff your always welcome back.