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07-02-2010, 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by Kelenan View Post
I bought the Galaxy Dreadnought and tried it out and found that it would be better off on a different toon.

Keep in mind there was noway of knowing this until you test drive it.

But to my dismay I found that it is not an account wide purchase making it so you need to spend 2000 Cryptic points for every toon you may want the ship on. ( equal to 20 dollars.)

I think that it totally sucks they did it that way and there is no statement saying that it is not an account wide purchase like all the other ship are in the game.

I feel a bit ripped off. I like the ship but for 20 bucks it should go to all my fed characters in the game period!
that is a bug, and they are working on it.