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07-02-2010, 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by Johneagle View Post
I just purchased the Galaxy X and it cost me the full 2000 cps. I made sure I purchased within the 4th of July window but did not get the discount. Is this a bug or what? I sure hope I get the Galaxy X for all my toons too. If not I bought it with the wrong toon.

Lets hope Cryptic can get its act together. This is just bad buisiness.
Cryptic has nothing to do with your error I'm afraid. Taken directly from the promotion page, the last sentence applies here.

"And new to the store is the super desirable Dreadnought Galaxy! Best known from the Next Generation series finale, All Good Things, the Dreadnought Galaxy is unique. The Dreadnought Galaxy is equipped with a massive Spinal Phaser Lance and a cloaking device. It is the only Federation cruiser that can equip dual cannons. (Please note: The Dreadnought Galaxy ship is not included in this sale.) "