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07-02-2010, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by Stephen_Decatur
again i have concerns about not allowing everyone access to the fleet adm rank. in terms that might get thru.
what if rear adm was a limited rank? with the logic here capt would goto capt115 and rear adm would still be ra5. i get ra5 and you get capt15 same number of levels but one big thing is the gear. i can use bigger better tougher ships, have access to more skills, equip ra cons, weapons, shields, engines.
you at capt15 can not equip any of the equipment that i can. i will be tougher to kill than you, i will out damage you. does that seam right to you?
i agree that the fleet adm rank should be harder to get but should be open to all or there will be problems. the vet reward idea at least will ensure that someone cant get to the top rank in a week. but the talk of "fleet leaders" needs to be adressed only after we have fleet content in the game. right now there is no reason for a player to join a fleet.
vet reward it to days played on the character. not the account.
You're assuming that rank and grades have to be tied into one another.

what if rear adm was a limited rank?
That would be a good thing, because I'm not a fan of loads of rear admirals running around either. Again, equipment/skils need not be tied in with rank.