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07-04-2010, 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Yes. The Klingon storyline missions are a plan to make the remaining Klingons go away and not appeal to new Klingon players at all. The new Orion outfits are also meant to demotivate players from playing on the Klingon side. How likes Bikinis anyway?
You're a very weird person... how can you NOT like bikinis?!

Look at it this way: Star Trek Online is now on a crossroad of it's existence. Either it goes up from here and STO secures itself a nice and cozy spot on the MMO market, or it goes down in which case we'll see STO going Free to Play in a matter of months.

Also don't forget that Cryptic is planning to add more factions. In order to do that without causing even more people to leave the game they need to balance up the existing factions. In this case that means buffing KDF Faction up to the level of the Federation faction. If they fail to do that before releasing the Romulans you can be damn sure that even more people will leave.

STO's sub numbers are picking up a bit again if we can believe various metascores, but this does not mean in any capacity that STO is out of the woods yet. Cryptic needs to prove their good will towards the community of BOTH sides. In order to do that they need to "fix" the existing content and bring it up to an acceptable level. Will Season 2 be a messiah patch that makes everything better? No not even close, but it will show us how far Cryptic will go to fix up the KDF Faction. If they fail to prove their intent then I can already predict that this will go VERY badly for STO... and Cryptic. Don't forget that Cryptic has a lot of money riding on STO and it needs to deliver quick!