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07-04-2010, 07:05 AM
Today was really horrible again. Just ten minutes after playing, I had such an extensive mouse lag that I couldn't even open the menues anymore. I tried to do it with keyboard shortcuts, butt I just can't cover all main functions by using the keyboard only. When I walked around the map, as long as I wasn't using the mouse, I had no issues at all. I got to the shipyard and hoped the mouse lag would decrease a bit, just enuff to eventually check the Dreadnought I had just bought ... it was impossible to even extract the standard weaponry and replace it with my own. The mouse cursor stayed at the same spot for nearly 10 seconds before it moved. While waiting, I checked the surroundings. The game went on fluently, not even a minor lag at all.

I don't mind spending money on this game, heck I even bought the Galaxy-X and all those playable species, all uniform sets, all bridge sets (Fed) and all ship variants (Fed). I love playing STO, butt seriously ... if this mouse lag doesn't stop, I will have to give my account and the remaining C-Point's to someone who can at least play the game normally.