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07-04-2010, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by Kyle-Phoenix View Post
Wait. Feds has such a ship like BoP? Battlecloak, UNIVERSAL BRIDGE? ohh no they dont. i cry a river. BoP can used by all very effective.

Next coming the: "why klingons have not so many class of ships?" cause Klingons are Warriors. All their ships are great in battle. More than fed ships.
In general Federation ships are more versatile and have stronger hulls than their Klingon counterparts; the Bird of Prey is meant to offset this with it's universal abilities, and the weaker hulls are offset by the cloak.

They might give the Federation players Universal stations but it won't change anything, because no amount of changes and Klingon abilities will fix how bad most Federation players are.

In the words of Ron White, "You can't fix stupid."