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07-04-2010, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by Kyle-Phoenix View Post
Never heard that feds want uni stations. for me both are fine. bop can be tough, and dangerous if used well.
Raptor is a beast, Negh'var has great firepower greater than fed counterparts, and carrier is a cool tank. Why is the cry about galaxy x? Klingon ships looks awesome anyway. not like most fed ships...
Fleet Escorts and Adv. Escorts can tank/heal better than the Raptor while still having equal firepower; the Negh'var has greater forward firepower than the Assault and Star Cruisers (equal otherwise) but the Assault Cruiser has an additional tactical officer on top of basically equal tanking and healing abilities while being out done by the Star Cruiser in those respects.

With universals, they've been crying for them for a while, the latest request is for a T5 variant of the defiant with a battle cloak and thanks...

As for looks....well that varies from person to person...