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07-04-2010, 05:06 PM
You know I am having a very similar problem. I go into the same system pickup a random quest beam down to some planet and I am instantly over run by 5-8 klingon mobs, which playing on my own is completely impossible as a Lt 9.

Now I am avoiding all planet landing quests, because I do not want to be taking hours to do a quest that should take around 30 minutes at most.

Tactics can not come into play when the mobs are over powered and or too many of them to deal with. The same is also true of some systems. You can click on a cluster mission and warp straight into a giant amount of hard as heck mobs.

While these systems are open instances you tend never to find many people in them. At this level of progression the max gear you can have is mkII I think.

I guess its open to interpretation whether dying multiple times is fun or not. At least for cryptic anyways. I'd like to see some propert scaling in quest difficulty. Not some quest that says for example lt 5 when really its for lt10. It does make a huge difference.

I am suspecting that the vast majority of quests are also not solo friendly either. 3 squads down on a planet would wipe the place clean pretty quickly, but solo you may as well beam back up again.